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    Shiawassee Area Writers was established in 2016 with a purpose to inspire local writers to meet, collaborate, encourage, and teach writing skills. The first initial group consisted of eight writers and soon exploded into 35 members. We meet twice monthly to share marketing tips, award those who have major milestones, and learn something new about the writing journey.
      In 2019, we presented two area students with $250 scholarships to further their journey in the writing world. We will continue awarding scholarships to local students who are pursuing a career in journalism, creative writing, or publishing. The 2018 winners were Owosso High School Braxton Hay and homeschooler Gabrielle Gaboury.
      In 2018, we published our first anthology entitled, Winter in the Mitten, with proceeds going back into the group, funding student scholarships, and also to send one of our members to a writing conference of their choice. In September 2019, the group will publish their second anthology entitled, Spring in the Mitten, with further anthologies planned for 2020 and 2021. Each member of SAW can contribute to the anthology after a rigorous editing process to perfect their writings.
      The group strives to encourage other writers in their journey to publishing or just to help them write their life stories. Whatever the writing desire, SAW seeks to help writers. Check out our group at
      Elizabeth is the President/Founder of SAW. She teaches writing skills to the group on a regular basis as well as organizing the anthology publication process.

"Because...everyone has a story, but few have the courage to share them."


Winter in the Mitten is filled with writings of humor, reflection, and perhaps some that might stir your memory and emotions.  Each story is unique, just as the wonderful individuals who wrote them. The winter themed diverse anthology features fiction, memoirs, and poetry highlighting the best aspects of this season.

You don’t want to miss some of the personal miracles shared or the vivid imagination of our fiction and poetry writers. For many of Shiawassee Area Writers, these are their first publications. They’ve worked diligently with rewrites, edits, deadlines, and revisions. They’ve gained knowledge about guidelines, formatting, and grammar. Each member dedicated to master the skills of writing for publication, seeking to make their stories the best they can be. For SAW’s seasoned authors, this is a special way to give back.

We would like to share this blessing with you, our readers. This winter season and always; may your hearts be filled with forgiveness, joy, gratitude, hope, and the greatest of these, love.  Because…everyone has a story, but few have the courage to share them.




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Spring in the Mitten is filled with writings to stir you to laugh, cry, and reflect on the awakening of this season in Michigan. The dawning of a warmer climate to the mitten state brings out emotions of joy and reflection, different for each writer. This is the second anthology for Shiawassee Area Writers and highlights fiction, memoirs, essays, and poetry.

For some Shiawassee Area Writers, these are their first publications and for others, it follows their submitted work in our first anthology, Winter in the Mitten, published in September of 2018. Through rewrites, edits, deadlines, and revisions, each one honed their manuscripts, but also their craft of learning to write for publication. The entire process took almost a year for each writer to finalize.

Our group is excited to share their writings with you. The spring season brings out an assortment of childhood memories, visions of new flower gardens or experiences in the mud. Also important, is the special season of Easter. Spring brings a new beginning, a fresh start, a step closer to summer fun and vacations.  We’re also excited to share some of this book’s profits by awarding two Shiawassee area high school seniors scholarships to pursue a career in writing. Because…everyone has a story, but few have the courage to share them.