Chautona Havig

“With the skill of a natural storyteller, she weaves a story that I can’t even decide if it’s pure fiction or part memoir/biography!) The way she does it, by a chance meeting of old and young on a train from Chicago allows that comfortable narrative style to shine best. Foreshadowing? Nailed it. Natural dialogue? Yep. Enough tension to hold your attention? On a train? With just two people talking? Absolutely! Solid faith that encourages without preaching? Oh, yeah.”

Jeanette Fallon

“WOW!” What can I say? This was more than I ever expected!! I was hooked by the first chapter. This was a lovely story. I turned each page with pure enjoyment. I loved getting to know Callie, Miles and Blaine. They each shared with us a valuable life lesson to live by. You have to read this. You won’t be sorry.”

 Janice Sisemore

“We can learn a lot from someone on a train ride. This book was so inspiring. I really enjoyed this book. I have found another author that I want to read more of her books. I definitely love her writing.”

 Katie Lindsey

“When done well, I love a good romance This story was done well. The plot was fantastic. Every moment was clear. I was able to follow all the jumps between characters and time periods. The arc of the story was very well thought out. It was executed very well. This was a very inspiring book.”

~These reviews were from a recent Celebrate Lit blog tour of Just a Train Ride – May/June 2019~