“I started reading the book about 6:30 and didn’t quit until 1:30 am—-THE MIRACLE:  I NEVER FELL ASLEEP—and I always fall asleep  reading!!!!! Couldn’t wait for the next day to get all taxi service done during the day and my chores so I could pick up the book again to finish it. Didn’t have a lot to read,  so it was probably four hours  and  I STILL DID NOT FALL ASLEEP READING!!! You did such a good job of weaving the various characters into the book. I think that is what kept me awake, I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening with each character.  I’ve made up all kinds of endings of things that happened to Alisha and Eric. Bless you for such an interesting and true to life book!!!”

“It is midnight. I had to stay up and finish your book. I don’t pretend to be a book critic. But I read a lot of books, my favorite thing. Just want you to know I enjoyed it very much. It is very well written. An inspiration just as you intended. Looking forward to you next one.”

“Finished your book today – really good read – hoping you are gonna write more??”

“Just finished…all I can say is wow, it was so good! Thank for inviting me to your book signing.”

“The twins kept telling me to “put the book down” yesterday when I was reading it. You are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to finish it.”