Chautona Havig

“With the skill of a natural storyteller, she weaves a story that I can’t even decide if it’s pure fiction or part memoir/biography!) The way she does it, by a chance meeting of old and young on a train from Chicago allows that comfortable narrative style to shine best. Foreshadowing? Nailed it. Natural dialogue? Yep. Enough tension to hold your attention? On a train? With just two people talking? Absolutely! Solid faith that encourages without preaching? Oh, yeah.”

Jeanette Fallon

“WOW!” What can I say? This was more than I ever expected!! I was hooked by the first chapter. This was a lovely story. I turned each page with pure enjoyment. I loved getting to know Callie, Miles and Blaine. They each shared with us a valuable life lesson to live by. You have to read this. You won’t be sorry.”

 Janice Sisemore

“We can learn a lot from someone on a train ride. This book was so inspiring. I really enjoyed this book. I have found another author that I want to read more of her books. I definitely love her writing.”

 Katie Lindsey

“When done well, I love a good romance This story was done well. The plot was fantastic. Every moment was clear. I was able to follow all the jumps between characters and time periods. The arc of the story was very well thought out. It was executed very well. This was a very inspiring book.”

~These reviews were from a recent Celebrate Lit blog tour of Just a Train Ride - May/June 2019~

~Other Reviews~

~Judy Vermillion  “Awesome book. Did not want to put it down. You do not even realize Christian lessons are being added in until the book is over and you say to yourself WOW. Great story, beautifully depicted scenery. Cannot wait for the next book from this author.” (Under the Windowsill)

 ~Judy M. Wickenhiser   “Elizabeth Wehman did a wonderful job transporting the reader to magical Mackinaw Island. Having been there many times, reading the book was like taking a mini-vacation without leaving the comfort of home. The subject matter is appropriate for grandparents as well as teenagers. I loved the story as well as all the lessons taught. I will be lending it to my daughter and 15-year-old granddaughter and look forward to hearing their comments. Can’t wait for Elizabeth’s new book! (Under the Windowsill)

 ~Loretta Morter  “This story rang so true to me. These characters were real and had flaws just like I do. I had never read a story like this and had to stay up to read just one more chapter more than once. Great ending that was unexpected. (Promise at Daybreak)