Under The Windowsill

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Nineteen-year-old Alisha struggles to find herself on her family farm under the strict rules of a domineering mother and five, protective, older, brothers. Striking out on her own is the only way to prove herself and to escape the gripping tendrils of grief.
Alisha finds Mackinac Island as a perfect hiding sanctuary. A place where her father and her only dreamed of visiting, but his silent, ailing heart prevented their journey.
Changing her hair color and country personality, Alisha changes into Kenna, a free-style, modern, young woman. To replace the ache in her heart, Kenna fills it with all the things she imagines New York City girls find appealing.
A sexy art gallery owner and an annoying Grand Hotel carriage driver are some of the first residents Kenna meets followed by the town gossip who finds it her job to stifle the fun of every college-age adventurer.
Could there be a place on earth without an intrusive mother, cows needing to be fed or where a grieving heart can finally find relief? Will Kenna’s new found freedom help her find the comfort she misses from being Under the Windowsill?

Early Reviews from Readers:

Under The Windowsill
“Your writing reflects such a loving and caring writer! It took me forever to read the last few chapters. Every sentence made the tears flow so hard that I could not see the words for a while. When is the next book?”
Emotional Writer
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“One of those books you want to read twice. God blessed you with a wonderful gift, and now you have given that gift to us.”             Leisa Castle-Smith

“You have a captivating way of telling a story. I didn’t want to put it down.”        Julie Walter

Released on August 11, 2014 as the debut novel by Elizabeth Wehman entitled, “Under the Windowsill.” Order now by sending an e-mail to: elizabethwehman@yahoo.com with your address.