Promise At Daybreak

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“She’s forgetting too much. You need to come.”

Sisters Irene Frederick and Louise Williams barely spoke to one another. Their opposite personalities and differing political and religious view had always led to frustrating disagreements, but since the death of their mother, their relationship grew increasingly cold.

Irene had given up everything to take care of their aged mother, whose disease robbed her not only of her memory, but also her kindness, while freewheeling Louise lived it up in Florida. At their mother’s graveside, Irene made one demand. To console her sister and assuage her guilt, Louise agreed to a secret pact sealed with a sister promise. The details stayed hidden in a safety deposit box in Durand, Michigan.

The call came from Irene’s daughter, just as Louise learned of her own terminal diagnosis, and just as she found love for a good man. Irene needed her. They needed each other.

Could Louise leave Howard and pull off the conditions of the pact without raising suspicions from Irene’s daughter and friends? Did she even want to? Could Irene trust Louise with such a responsibility?

The sisters know only one thing to be true: Promises hold for sisters. But can they really follow through with the Promise at Daybreak?

Inspiring to the Casual Reader
“Your book arrived a couple days ago. Not good – however, only in that I find it hard to put it down, and I’m not a real big reader! It is most interesting and every page is so descriptive of people and situations! I’m not really into this phrase, but “go girl” seems to fit very well! Truly, it will be fun to see where you go from here….thanks so much for sending me a copy of your book. I’m honored!”
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