Just a Train Ride – Coming Soon

It was supposed to be just a short, fun visit with her grandson, yet Callie knew when she saw Blaine descending down the staircase at Chicago’s Grand Central Station, that God wanted to use her on one more mission. A hungry one at that. The strained heartache written all over the young woman’s face gave it away to Callie that she needed to tell her the love story of Miles, Callie’s husband.

Would the ride from Chicago into Michigan be enough time for Callie to share her love story with Blaine? Could a story set in 1940’s even make a difference to a girl in 2016? Callie’s age, her memory issues, her tired almost 90-year-old body made it hard to believe that she could influence anyone anymore, but with God’s help, she had “Just a Train Ride” to try. Little did she know that this young woman would be the answer to the prayer she’d just uttered before leaving her grandson alone in Chicago.